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Our Enterprise Service Department is here to provide you with day-to day electrical and telecommunications maintenance, 24/7 emergency maintenance, renovations, and new construction projects. Our fleet of highly trained service technicians are always available to provide innovative solutions for any project.

Arc Flash Studies & Breaker Testing

We work with our partners and our in-house engineers to perform detailed Arc Flash and Coordination studies that can help you stay in compliance with NFPA 70E. We also perform testing of the trip functions and check the resistance of the contacts to ensure a quality connection within any breaker.

IR Scanning 

IR Scanning is a form of preventive maintenance that could potentially save you thousands of dollars in repairs and catch a failure before it becomes catastrophic. This process is done by using infrared light to scan electrical panels, disconnects switchgear and motor control centers. After the scans are complete, we will provide a detailed report containing discrepancies and repair recommendations. 

ATS, UPS & Generator Installation and Maintenance 

Using our in-house engineers, we can design and replace or install any critical power system. We also work hand-in-hand with our partners to coordinate scheduling and contracting of all quarterly and yearly maintenance visits.

Cleaning Testing & Torqueing Electrical Connections

Over time connections will loosen for various reasons, this procedure will ensure that the connections will not be the failure point of any system. We will schedule the power company to remove power from the site, we then clean panels, switchgear, MCCs and disconnects. Then Verify all bolted connections are torqued to manufactures recommendations.

Electrical Gate Install & Repair

We can quickly and easily install new electric gates and openers, as well as repair and maintain gate operations. 

Structured Cabling & Fiber Terminations

We have the ability to pull, tip and test Cat 5 & 6 Voice, Data and most fiber optic cables.

Experience the " White Glove Guarantee" with Eckardt Group. We promise to provide you with exceptional service every time.

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