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Atlantic Yards

Location: Atlanta, Ga

500,000sf, two-tower, office development at Atlantic Yards. 

Customer: New South

Type: New Construction

Partner: United Electric


3400 Overton

Location: Atlanta, Ga

5 story parking garage, 7 story core/shell office tower and built out 4 floors of class A space for Synovus within the building.

Customer: Skanksa

Owner: Synovus

Type: New Consturction

Contract: $4,500,000​

Synovus Building.jpg

B&S Electrical Supply 

Location: Atlanta, Ga

Located near Fulton Industrial Blvd on the west side of Atlanta, the project consisted of the renovation of approximately 6,000 square feet of office/sales area and 11,000 square feet of warehouse area.

Customer: B&S Electrical Supply

Owner: B&S Electrical Supply

Type: New Construction

Contract: $500,000

B&S Electrical Suppply.jpg

Kaiser Permanente
Pershing Point

Location: Atlanta, Ga

Multi floor tenant renovation in existing Midtown Atlanta office tower. Design assist contract provided by Eckardt.

Customer: McCarthy 

Owner: Kaiser Permanente

Type: Renovation

Contract: $2,200,000

KP HQ.jpg


Location: Atlanta, Ga

The Primerica headquarters is a three floor, three wing building that required over 1.6 million feet of wire & cabling, and included a theater, production studios, and a 7,500 sq.ft internal data center.

Customer: Duke Realty

Owner: Primerica

Type: New Construction

Contract: $5,000,000

Primerica-office-bldg 2.jpg

WXIA Studio

Location: Atlanta, Ga

WXIA purchased the existing studio from WATL that was approximately 15,000 sq ft. The design team added a new structure also approximately 15,000 sq ft that included a new news studio. We completely renovated the existing building and constructed the new section. 

Customer: Holder

Owner: WXIA

Type: Design Build; Interior Renovation

Contract: $1,000,000

WXIA studio.jpg
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